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Lecture 265 march 24 - larger Ruined pastor land Influx of...

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Lecture 265 Andrew Van Handel March 24, 2008 Musical Performance Kazakhstan o 1 of 15 that emerged post soviet union o 3 closely rated countries Turkmenistan, Uxbekistankyrgyzstan o 9 th largest country in the world by square footage o Harsh Climate o Terrain Mountain Steppe Oasis/Dessert o 1920s soviet government forcefully settled Kazakhs Population cut in half Death and fled country to Turkistan Over a Million people died under communist regime o 1950s Forced people to plant corn (virgin lands campaign) to make cows
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Unformatted text preview: larger Ruined pastor land Influx of Russian Speakers And flat out didn’t work • Roksonaki o Every Kazakh melody has a story Oku-means swan • Nomadic encampment, all families but one moved away o Mother son and girls were starving • Import European style composers and orchestras in soviet times o But also establish schools to work on nationalist music, in a European type orchestra...
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