229lect - autocracy is holding it down need to remove authority Wheel of changing time revolves without ceasing-inevitability Russia will

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2/29/08 History 253 Lecture R’s Ancient Stamp vs R’s “no answer”-----THE PROBLEM OF FREEDOM R=Sphinx, wild horse Correlation b/w geo/climate and R culture R=East, West, or inbetween “Shield, “Asiatic mask” “Heavy Mongol heal” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Reading for next week RP:127-140 The Sole of Russian Gogel-there’s nothing there vs Author Reader Article Quote Daneliveskii 15 204-205 Moderation, easy going common sense, freedom and adjust to authority 16 206 Factors that give superiority to Russia are peasants land and Peasant social path Bakunih 73 Slavs peaceful, were all equal, human brother hood in imperfect form, universal liberity and brotherhood is Russian Nature, reason Russia is imperfect is because jackboot of
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Unformatted text preview: autocracy is holding it down, need to remove authority Heredor 88 88 Wheel of changing time revolves without ceasing-inevitability, Russia will inevitably come free, ---THIS IS THE RUSSIAN ANCIENT STAMP----hospitable freedom loving, not seek domination Gogol When you give Russia freedom, you get no answer (Don’t know what historical stamp is 88 252 Troika could have only been born amongst a brisk people, peasants are unknown Borhevsky 81 130 Russia is a Sphinx, I don’t know what Russia is----We love the flesh, its color and its taste, are we to blame if your rib cages burst beineath, we shall take to the wild in the mountain woods, and let Europe march through, we clear the ground to meet the sights of the mongol horde---are we to blame? Belyi 84 Set in 1905, written 1916---85 Peasantry, spontaneous violent...
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