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348march31lecture - a Marx Profit extracted from labor...

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History 348 Lect. 3/31/08 Workers and the Working Class 1. A Few Definitions 2. The Working Class in 19 th Century France 3. French Industrialization 4. A Class Divided by gender and age Terms 1) A Few Definitions a) Artisan i) Specific Skill ii) Can’t Be Replaced iii) Generally Self Employed iv) Has control over product he/she makes…IE shoemaker v) Control over his time b) Workers i) Interchangeable ii) Skilled Workers iii) Generally Wage Labor iv) Standardized Product v) Standardized schedule c) Till 1860s more artisans than workers 2) The Working Class in 19 th Century France
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Unformatted text preview: a) Marx Profit extracted from labor power b) Class not just dependent on production i) Mode of Life ii) Interest iii) Culture 3) J 4) Role of Gender and age a) 19 th Century France Women are working outside of the home i) 35% of industrial labor force is composed by women (1) Significantly unskilled workers ii) Feminization and Industrialization happen at same time (1) 1891 third of labor force is composed by women b) Child Labor i) Labor laws date from 1880s so till then children exploited...
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