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History 348 Lecture March 7, 2008 A Conservative Republic, 1871-1880 1. The Repression of the Commune 2. The Legacy of the Commune 3. The new Régime 4. The Constitution of 1875—The third republic Terms Adolphe Thiers Comte de Chambord (legitimist) Communex Defeat of the revolutionary option is what let the republic be set upgnn _______________________________________________________________________ _ 1) The Repression of the Commune a) 20-25000 dead b) 43000 Prisn c) 35,000 trial i) 10,000 trial (1) 3200 Deported ii) 23 executed d) Legitimate Government i) In Versailles till 1880 e) Similarity in Revolutions of 1789 1830 1848 i) Same type of grass roots people
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Unformatted text preview: f) Reason for Repression i) France Government develops read fear of International ii) Hatred to Gov by Parisian iii) Class Hatred (1) Fear of proletariat the leads certain reform iv) Trying to Cleanse Paris 2) The Legacy of the Commune a) Short Term defeat for working class movement 3) The new regime a) 1775, 1880 b) Ultras and i) Agree that new king “Comte de Chamoro (legitimist family) (1) Last link to pass, no children 4) Constitution of 1875 and the Third Republic i. Thiers back I power ii. Supports replublic because he’s scared of more fighting...
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