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3/3/08 History 253 Lecture R=God Bearing nation-Dostoevskii Structure of R Consciousness R=Spiritual vs. Euro material God and Natl Devolpment R EAST WEST OR INBETWEEN Oriental despotism vs. Asiatic people Cultural gradient What is R’s essential nature R’s Byzantine heritage (Positive vs. negative) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Reading for next week RP:127-140 Bakunih Herder Dovnilevskii (1774-1873)----Get rid of “Ancient Stamp” Jack boot of atocracy, they will grow and develop---communal social justice Bloke Belgi Bulgakov (1916-1923)---SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU LIBERATE the narod, you don’t know the ancient stamp, they are violent and spontaneous vs Author Reader Article Quote Mickiewicz 90 339 “Near at hand empty and desilate”—Where is Russia going narod a moth or a butterfly
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Unformatted text preview: Link to Bakunih Herder Dovnilevskii vs. Bloke Belgi Bugakov Mickiewicz 90 339 Creatures of the north----how geography impacts 8 20 Link to this spiritual geography and physical geography 89 337 Desert wind, plain to the sight Solovyov 80 For you Europe Centuries for us one hour Weber 206 Symbolic Geography Gordon 87 NYTIM Moscow Mayor “Series of outburst follows by periods of doing nothing” Blok 77 Poem about battle Kulikovo (1380 russian victory over mongols let by Dimitir Donskoi Bely 83 52 Icy plain roved by wolves, Dostoveskii 67 God Bearing Nation—idea then acted (Leading the van guard to better future no longer Lacking behind) Ultimate questions 69 250 Som is by design atheism Science will lead to collapse and decay god and religion are positive Annenkov 116 94-95 Heroten is wrong in saying science and reason is the only way...
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