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ANIMAL SCIENCE 221 2 nd Prelim APRIL, 2003 - ANSWER KEY BEFORE YOU START: 1) Read the questions carefully. 2) Make sure you use clear gene and genotype symbols. 3) Make sure your answer gives all that the question asked for. 4) There are 4 pages of questions and one table--make sure you have them all. POSSIBLE POINTS ACTUAL 30 ______
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1. For a particular species, assume that there are three alleles at a locus for color. These alleles are B1 , B2, and B3 . Also, there is a hierarchy of dominance such that B1 > B2 > B3 . The relationship between genotypes and phenotypes is that B1B1 , B1B2, and B1B3 are black, B2B2 and B2B3 are brown and B3B3 is yellow. (2 pts) A. If the population is in equilibrium and the phenotypic frequencies are: Phenotype Frequency Black .84 Brown .07 Yellow .09 What are the frequencies of the three alleles: (2 pts) B. If all black animals were culled from the breeding program so that the only remaining animals were those that were brown and yellow, what would the frequency of the B3 allele be? 2. Assume that in a population, there are two phenotypes represented, horned and
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Prelim Answer Key - 2003 - ANIMAL SCIENCE 221 2nd Prelim...

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