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Matt Smith Compare/ Contrast Paper Survey of Media Production Modes 11/28/07 Out of the dust of mainstream Hollywood films, independent films emerged. But now, independent films have started to make their mark on the film industry, and soon it will be the mainstream films being left in the dust by the independent films. Just last year Little Miss Sunshine was nominated for Best Picture, beating out critically acclaimed movies like: Notes on a Scandal, Flags of Our Fathers, and Little Children just to name a few. But the movie that really jumped started it all for the independent movie business was Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing . Both Little Miss Sunshine and Do the Right Thing are strikingly similar, while still being vastly different. Both Little Miss Sunshine and Do The Right Thing , share some same messages. But what makes them different is how the directors convey the messages. Little Miss Sunshine relies heavily on the cinematography with faster hectic shots or slow smooth shots depending on the scene and acting to help convey many of the messages or feelings, while Do The Right Thing usually has wider angle shots and relies more on the acting to convey the message, but the cinematography is still a strong apart. Both these movies are extremely different stories, but they still are able to get across the message and feelings through the interactions of mise-en-scéne, cinematography, and acting. In Little Miss Sunshine , a pretty dysfunctional family sets off on a cross-country road trip to bring Olive, the eight-year-old daughter to a beauty contest. The majority of the movie is filmed inside of the Volkswagen van. The van is not only a transport for the characters bodies, but it is also where an emotional ride takes place also . Do the Right Thing also takes place in a similar like setting. The whole move takes place in a
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neighborhood in New York, and many of the key scenes take place within Sal’s Pizzeria. When independent filmmakers make a movie, they tend to make it independently so that there isn’t that many restrictions over what kind of messages they are trying to get across. One big theme that is very present in both movies is that of hard work. But then since they both are independent movies, both directors decided to take away the hard work. In Little Miss Sunshine Dwayne wants to be an air force pilot, he has taken a vow of silence until he reaches the academy. There is an assembly of shots throughout the first part of the movie that show how consumed Dwayne is with his goal. He has calendar for the past nine months marked of for everyday he doesn’t speak. It is very interesting how the mise-en-scéne and cinematography interact to show exactly how committed and
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paper - Matt Smith Compare/ Contrast Paper Survey of Media...

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