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Matt Smith CFV- 123 10-3-07 Film Analysis Paper #1 The American Film Institute recently ranked Citizen Kane the number one movie of all time. And it is easy to see why they made it the number one movie. All throughout the movie, director Orson Welles touches on power hunger, and how it can consume you until you are nothing but a power hungry human. In the scene where Boss Jim Getty’s blackmails Charles Foster Kane, the since of overzealous egoism is very present there. All throughout the movie, you can see the change that Kane goes through, turning into the egotistical person he finally dies as. Orson Welles does a great job of capturing that as the actor and director. This scene is particularly interesting because it shows how egotistical Kane is and also, you can substitute anyone of any century into Kane’s place and see how the exact same results. Citizen Kane captures what happens to someone when they become power hungry, with remarkable accuracy . For about two minutes in the sequence, the camera doesn’t move at all. It is a stationary shot with Citizen Kane in the middle of Boss Jim Getty, Susan Alexander, and Emily. Kane doesn’t move while everyone else moves at least moves a little bit. This particularly shows us how stubborn Kane actually is. He is so sure of how powerful he is, and what he has and will accomplish, that he will not budge for anything. The only thing that Kane even moves for is when Getty’s claims that he will have to go on a “ vacation” for a while. When a particularly egotistical person suddenly gets thrown into a situation where he is being told what to do, they turn kind of onto an edge. Sometimes they go insane or berserk, but you can’t really have Kane go insane in the middle of the movie, so instead he rises up on his toes a little bit. Even though this is a subtle movement, you can still see that when Gettys says this, he strikes a nerve of Kane.
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Paper#1 - Matt Smith CFV- 123 10-3-07 Film Analysis Paper...

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