Causality (6 forms)

Causality (6 forms) - Dysjuncitve Sylligism It’s either...

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Dillon Clements English 110 Dr. Ford 15 February 2008 Modus Ponens: If it’s cold outside then I am wearing a jacket, therefore I am wearing a jacket. Modus Tollens: If it’s cold outside then I am not wearing a jacket, it’s not cold outside, therefore I am not wearing a jacket. Hypothetical Sylligism: If it’s cold outside then I wear a jacket, if I wear a jacket I am unhappy. Therefore if it’s cold outside I am unhappy.
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Unformatted text preview: Dysjuncitve Sylligism: It’s either sunny or cloudy outside during the day, it’s not cloudy outside therefore it is sunny. Dilemma: You can choose door number one or door number, there are only two doors, if you choose door one there is no prize, if you choose door two there is a prize, therefore you either get a prize or don’t get a prize. Reductio ad Absurdism:...
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