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Pessimism New Essay 2-25

Pessimism New Essay 2-25 - Clements 1 Dillon Clements...

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Clements Dillon Clements Professor Ford English 110 26 February 2008 How to Prevent Heartache No one enjoys a break up or a disappointment in their life. Some people in the world however, seem to have found a way to limit the amounts of heartache that they may inevitably find them. What is this answer some may wonder? In a word, pessimism. No, not the negative connotation the word may have to it but the positive spin. A pessimistic view on the world can prevent heartbreak through proper mental preparation and a rational approach to future decisions. What is this argument to be based on however, or how is this claim to be made? When logically approaching the stance an optimist takes on situations to one a pessimist may take the argument begins to take shape. When assuming negativity and an imminent end to on goings in ones life a pessimist will protect them self from (or at least lessen) the amount of heartache they take on. A pessimist will be mentally preparing them self, or at
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