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review for me - Goals of science: There are four goals of...

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Goals of science: There are four goals of science, Description, Explanation, Prediction, and Control. Description allows us to identify important variables in a theory. Explanation allows us to account for outcomes and events, while prediction lets us anticipate future outcomes. Controls provides us guidance in obtaining goals and solving problems. Two Characteristics of All theories Theories are both abstract and human constructions. They are abstract/general as oppose to concrete/specific. They only cover a partial of the phenomenon. Just like an abstract of an book they only give a small protion. The reason why they are human constructions is because they are only theories and human explanations. They are not facts. Two Components of a Theory. Construct/Variable Propositions Constructs or variables are the cause effect relationship a theory has. A theory has an independent variable, the variable you can manipulate, or also know as the cause. It also has the dependent variable, the variable that is also known as the effect. The construct is the theory that we study Propositions is the relationship that both the cause and effect variables have. It explains the quantity of the causal variable and how it determines the quantity of the effect variable . An example of this is “The higher the credibility of the speaker, the more likely the attitude change.: Covering Law Perspective: The covering law perspective is a scientific perspective. It explains the cause and effect relationships in a theory. The greater the A the Greater the B. A law is something that is
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review for me - Goals of science: There are four goals of...

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