World War I

World War I - 1 World War I a Overview i Causes and...

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World War I a. Overview i. Causes and outbreak ii. Strategic overview iii. Stalemate b. American Entry c. The War at Sea i. Decisive Factor ii. Britain Blockade iii. German countermoves iv. American Contributions to Naval Victory 1. convoys a. slowed to the speed of the slowest ship b. bigger targets for the Germans i. easier to spot a group than just one c. There were reasons not to use the convoy; it was only adopted because nothing else worked. d. Germans focused out the outgoing ships, not protected by convoys. i. No cargo, but in the long term it still hurts. e. Germans were sinking as much tonnage as they said would be necessary to win the war, but the calculation was obviously wrong. 2. tonnage warfare is different in WWI and WWII a. WWI – sink enough tonnage that you cant win the war because you cant get the supplies over b. WWII – factors in submarine losses. Where can destroy the most while losing the least amount of subs. i. Americans opposed the system 1. Afraid Britain would lose the war. 2. Afraid Britain would make peace with Germany. c. Germans broke ally supply lines and got sick by eating the food d. Blockade worked – stalemate on land with huge loses; the war was decided at sea. e. Heavily escorted troop transport was extremely important f. Took over German ships, and neutral Dutch passenger ships and converted them to troop transport. g. Germany was starving my 1918. Rationing nitrate. Developed a system of substitutes for a wide range
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World War I - 1 World War I a Overview i Causes and...

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