English Colonization in the 17th Century Americas

English Colonization in the 17th Century Americas - English...

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English Colonization in the 17 th Century Americas 1. Major theme – the English colonies were very diverse (different). 2. Factors motivating English to colonize new world a. Religious freedom – catholic/protestant split b. Search for Wealth – land c. Some left Europe to escape jail or bad marriage d. English civil war, 1640s 3. Chesapeake (Virginia and Maryland) a. Virginia i. Purpose – established to make money (profit) established by the Virginia Company. They get permission from the government (charter) in 1606 ii. Jamestown – 1 st settlement. 1. Problems – a. Located - it is located in a swampy, marshy area. Disease, mosquitoes are terrible. Fresh and salt water also got mixed together. b. Lack of Cooperation – most people spent weeks walking around looking for gold and riches c. Lack of leadership – 1608, Captain John Smith comes in and takes over the colony of Jamestown and establishes Martial Law. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. He also develops a trade relationship with the Indians. John Smith gets injured and has to go back, they are in the same problem as they were before d. Bad luck – supply ship shipwrecked in 1609-1610, called the winter “starving time”, some turned to cannibalism. iii. Role of tobacco – John Rolfe, eventual husband of Pocahontas, started farming tobacco. Discovers that it can become a cash crop. 1. The land pattern starts to change now that they are growing tobacco. People are now very spread out along the rivers, because that is the best land for farming tobacco. Schools, communities, and churches are scarce. Indian attacks are
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English Colonization in the 17th Century Americas - English...

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