Jacksonian America

Jacksonian America - Jacksonian America (1820s-1840s) 1....

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Jacksonian America (1820s-1840s) 1. More democratic Country a. Politics i. Universal white manhood suffrage ii. More number of public officials elected rather than appointed iii. First national political party nominating conventions b. Society i. Abolitionist movement is growing ii. Beginning of the women’s rights movements iii. Dress styles change 1. wealthy men stopped wearing periwigs and cut their hair short c. Culture i. First sentimental novels written by women for women ii. Rise of melodrama in theatre iii. In the visual arts, subjects matter changed from famous people and famous events to scenes from everyday life. 2. Andrew Jackson’s rise to power a. 1824 election i. Federalists are pretty much gone. ii. 5 Candidates from Democratic-Republican party 1. William Crawford 2. John Quincy Adams 3. Henry Clay 4. John Calhoun 5. Andrew Jackson iii. Jackson wins the popular vote, but no one wins the majority of the Electoral College. The house will vote for the president. iv. The corrupt bargain – (top 3 Adams Jackson Crawford) – alleged backroom deal between Clay and Adams. Clay gets to become the secretary of state, and john Adams gets Henry clays support from
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Jacksonian America - Jacksonian America (1820s-1840s) 1....

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