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Jeffersonian America

Jeffersonian America - Jeffersonian(1800-1820 1 General...

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Jeffersonian (1800-1820) 1. General Description a. General move towards more equality i. More opportunity in America ii. Lack of deference b. Racist 2. Thomas Jefferson’s first term in office (1800-04) is Successful a. Reform i. Cuts the federal debt 1. closes several American embassies in Europe 2. cuts the size and the budget of the military in half ii. Refuses to buy into the political patronage system (helping the people out who got you elected) 1. leaves people in office even though they are federalist b. Louisiana Purchase (1803) i. Americans go to buy new Orleans from the French, and napoleon’s representatives offer the entire Louisiana territory for $15 million dollars. ii. Problem with Louisiana Purchase. The federal government doesn’t give him the power to buy new land. He contradicts his own interpretation of the constitution to buy Louisiana c. Lewis & Clark (sent to explore Louisiana territory) i. Meriwether Lewis was one of Jefferson’s personal assistants ii. Clark was a military commander 1. Purposes a. Find out what’s in the Louisiana purchase b. Find if there is a water route that will connect the central part of the US to the west coast c. Takes them one year to get all the way to the pacific ocean 2. they find no connecting water route 3. they do find new plants and animals 4. they lay claim to Oregon country by the right of discovery 3.
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