The first Presidents

The first Presidents - The first Presidents; Federalists vs.

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The first Presidents; Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans (1788-1800) 1. Establishing 1 st federal government under Constitution a. 1788 – first presidential election b. George Washington is a legend is his own time. The people see him as the symbol of America. Unanimously elected by the electoral college c. 1788-1796 He served. He voluntarily stepped down. d. John Adams is his vice president. e. 3 Executive departments i. Department of War – Secretary of War, Henry Knox ii. Department of State – Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson iii. Department of Treasury – Secretary of Treasury, Alexander Hamilton f. 1789 – congress pasess the Judiciary Act, which creates the Federal Court System i. John Jay is the chief Justice g. Tariff of 1789 – 5% tax on imported goods in the country 2. Hamilton-Jefferson Rivalry a. Alexander Hamilton - founder of the later federalist party, Second in command under Washington in the war i. He is for a strong federal government ii. He gave a loose interpretation of the constitution. (it should change over time) iii. Wanted closer ties with Great Britain iv. Pro industry v. He does not trust the masses. b. Thomas Jefferson – Virginia Lawyer and Planter. Author of the declaration of independence i. Opposite of Everything that Hamilton Stood for. ii. Jefferson was pro Agriculture iii. No loose interpretations iv. Founder of the later democratic-republican party 3. Hamilton’s grand economic plan a. Report on public credit (1790) i. Governments pay their full debt
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The first Presidents - The first Presidents; Federalists vs.

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