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Zarefsky Ch2 Notes (CN)

Zarefsky Ch2 Notes (CN) - Zarefsky Chapter 2 Notes Are You...

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Zarefsky: Chapter 2 Notes Are You Really Listening 1. Hearing – a sensory process in which sound waves are transmitted to the brain and someone becomes conscious of sound. 2. Listening – a mental operation involving processing sound waves, interpreting their meaning, and storing their meaning in memory. Why Listening is Important -Checking for Accuracy -Giving (and Getting) Feedback 3. Feedback – verbal and nonverbal audience response to a speech; usually taken seriously by a speaker and incorporated into the speech when possible -Evaluating Messages Why Listening is Difficult -Listener distractions -Limited attention span 4. Attention Span – the length of time a person will attend to a message without feeling distracted. -Jumping to conclusions -Situational distractions 5. Assimilation – the tendency to regard two similar messages as basically identical, blurring the distinction between them. -if speaker says something that in any way seems to confirm their position, they interpret
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