Reconstruction - Reconstruction(1863-1877 I Review Civil...

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Reconstruction (1863-1877) I Review Civil War II Issues to resolve in Reconstruction 1. Should confederate leaders be tried for treason? 2. How to rebuild the southern economy? 3. How do you form new southern state governments? 4. What do you do with 4 million freedmen? III Early problems in Reconstruction 1. Economic Destruction a. Cities burned (Atlanta) b. Confederate currency now worthless c. 4 million slaves freed = 4 billion dollars of lost assets (southern wealth is cut in half after civil war is over) 2. What do to with the freedmen? a. Most slaves stayed on the plantation (no money, no education, no land) b. 40 acres and a mule…never happened c. Freedman’s Bureau – created by the U.S. government in 1865 to help freedman get the basic necessities. (education, land, job) freedman’s bureau established schools IV Presidential Reconstruction (1863-66) 1. Lincoln – member of the Republican Party. a. Philosophy – does not want to punish the south. Wants to bring the southern states back into the U.S. quickly and smoothly. b. 10% plan – 10% of the former confederate states voters must meet these requirements to get their state back into the U.S….Congress shoots down this plan because they said it wasn’t harsh enough. i. Must take an oath to a U.S. Constitution ii. Must get a Pardon iii. Agree that slavery is over with 1. Radical republicans – abolitionists, wanted to end
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Reconstruction - Reconstruction(1863-1877 I Review Civil...

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