World War I

World War I - World War I (1913-1918) 1. US Foreign policy...

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World War I (1913-1918) 1. US Foreign policy 1901-1917 a. T. Roosevelt 1901-08 – republican i. Big Stick Diplomacy – Teddy Roosevelt believed the Us should aggressively play a larger role in world affairs. Especially in the Western Hemisphere 1. Panama Canal – very good for world trade. Columbians turn down 10 million dollars and 250,000 a year rent proposal. Teddy Roosevelt uses the threat of our navy to make the Panama people revolt against the Columbians. a. Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty (1905) i. Panama gets independence ii. We get the right to build the Panama Canal (completed in 1915) 2. Roosevelt Corollary - Warned Latin America to keep its affairs in order, or face US intervention b. W. Wilson 1912-20 – democrat i. Same goals as Roosevelt, different method. ii. Moral Diplomacy – more about cooperation than force. 2. Road to WWI a. Genesis of war in Europe i. Central Powers – Germany, Austria-Hungry, and Turkey (Ottoman Empire) ii. Allies – Britian, France, Russia (Later on Italy and U.S.) iii. 32 Total countries, 28 fought for the Allies b. How U.S. got involved i. Trade – International law says neutral countries can trade non military items with countries at war. 1. Trade with the Central Powers a. Mad at British for blockade of German ports b. US loans Germany 27 million dollars in the first two years 2. Trade with the Allies a. Loaned the Allies 2 Billion dollars within the first
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World War I - World War I (1913-1918) 1. US Foreign policy...

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