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Modern Civil Rights Movement

Modern Civil Rights Movement - Modern Civil Rights...

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Modern Civil Rights Movement (1954-68) 1. Modern Civil Rights Movement (1954-68) a. General i. Civil rights actually started earlier, and ended later than these years. ii. Purpose: to enforce the 14 th and 15 th amendments. 1. 14 th – everyone should have the same rights 2. 15 th – KKK, poll tax b. Desegregating Schools i. Bringing whites and blacks together in the same institution. ii. NAACP has a huge role 1. judicial system – Thurgood Marshall (top black attorney, eventually comes first black supreme court justice) 2. Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) a. Board of education in Topeka, Kansas. b. A little black girl lives a mile from a white school, but has to walk miles and miles to a black school. c. They take African American girls with white and black dolls. The girls always go play with the white dolls. They prove that segregation creates an inferiority mind plex in African Americans. d. Supreme Court says that you cannot segregate schools.
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