The Cold War

The Cold War - The Cold War(1945-1989 Cold War An...

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The Cold War (1945-1989) Cold War – An ideological struggle between communism and capitalism/democracy. Capitalism – U.S./West Unequal wealth Private property Representative Government Supply and Demand Communist – U.S.S.R./East Equal wealth No private property Dictatorship 1. Causes of Cold War a. Division of Europe at the End of WWII i. Soviet Union liberates eastern Europe and they install communist governments ii. The British and the Americans liberate Western Europe after the war and help establish capitalist countries. iii. Iron Curtain – in ideological barrier between the communist east and the democratic/capitalist west. No one crosses this border during the cold war. People are not allowed to enter or leave freely. It creates a fear, suspicion, and anxiety around the rest of the world. What are they doing back there? b. U.S. Stops aid to the soviets i. United states cuts off the lend-lease act from USSR c. The Atomic Bomb dilemma i. During the war, we kept that atomic bomb a secret form the soviets, but not the British. ii. US and the soviets were both doing atomic research in secret. iii. The USSR wants us to disarm (get rid of atomic bombs) after WWII. 2. Containment Policy a. In 1947 the US adopts containment policy. The goal is to stop the spread of communism. i. Domino theory – if one new county falls to communism, it will spread to its neighboring country and so forth. ii. Containment policy 1. Marshall Plan – 1947 the US sends about 17 billion dollars of financial aid to Western Europe. This prevented Western Europe from falling to communism. 2. NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization - 1949. A defensive alliance of democratic nationalist countries. 3. Soviet Response to Containment Policy a. Warsaw Pact – counterpart to NATO, its an alliance of eastern communist countries.
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b. Berlin Blockade – Germany is divided in half. Berlin, although it is in Eastern Germany, the city is divided in half. In 1948 the Soviet Union cuts off all railroad and highway traffic headed to Berlin. i. The Berlin airlift – for several months planes fly into western Berlin (allies) to drop food and supplies. ii.
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The Cold War - The Cold War(1945-1989 Cold War An...

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