World War II and events leading to it

World War II and events leading to it - World War II and...

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World War II and events leading to it (1939-1945) 1. U.S. Foreign policy a. 1920s – American is Aloof – steered a cautious middle course i. 1928 – Government signed the Kellogg-Briand Pact – French asked America to outlaw war between US and France. This pact is also signed by over 100 countries. ii. Clark Memo – 1930, FRD revokes the Roosevelt Corollary. Now the US cannot interfere with Latin American problems. b. 1930s – American becomes isolationist. The US withdraws from international politics and affairs i. Reasons the US is isolationists 1. Great Depression 2. Threat of War in the Eastern Hemisphere a. Germany – by 1933 Hitler has taken over Germany. Nazi party is now in control. In the 1930s he withdraws Germany from the League of Nations; He denounces the Treaty of Versailles. He blames the Jews, French, and British. b. Italy – Benito Mussolini is the dictator of Italy by 1922. Fascist – glorifying the state above all else. He invades Ethiopia and no other League of Nations countries help. c. Japan – 1905 Japan takes Korea, 1931 Japan takes Manchuria, and 1937 Japan invades China. i. Why is Japan doing this? 1. They want to industrialize, and to industrialize you have to have natural resources. They have very few on their island. To get them you can buy it, or take it. c. Lure of pacifism/neutrality i. College students and professors stage walkouts in the 1930s. ii. Nye Committee – trying to figure out why we fought in WWI. 1. Conclusion: bankers and munitions producers pushed American into WWI. They argue that the war was about money. a. US cannot sell weapons or transport goods to countries at war. 2. Road to WWII a. Genesis of War in Europe i. September 1, 1939 – Germany invades Poland to begin WWII. ii.
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World War II and events leading to it - World War II and...

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