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The Founding Fathers Movie Notes

The Founding Fathers Movie Notes - aunt and uncle in which...

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The Founding Fathers Movie Notes * People tried to be as British as possible * 1773 - French and Indian War ended * 1765 - Stamp Act → unified rich and poor * John Hancock → rich, handsome, and intelligent * Samuel Adams → opposite but and organized person o Radical; political agitation o Personal life influence o Involved with many debates o Political opposition to government financial problems o Both wives died o Tax collector of city of Boston to feed his family o Propaganda writing o Complained to British tax o Samuel Adams was 7000 pounds short & was sent to trial * John Hancock → went to the rescue for Sam Adams debt * Paul Rivier → Sam Adams beer * Sons of Liberty → Secret radical groups in the colonies adopted this name and worked to oppose the stamp tax and other later parliamentary revenue programs. * Adams organized great mob group * Hancock → wealthiest man in Boston o Ego (high) o Not much a rebel o Eligible bachelor o Parents were middle class but at age 8 he moved with his
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Unformatted text preview: aunt and uncle in which were of high class o Went to Harvard o Drinking was normal o Smuggler o Gets caught and Sam Adams comes to help him o Hero image * John Adams o Defended Hancock o Samuel Adam's cousin o Young attorney o Was successful in defending Hancock but did not want to join Sons of Liberty o Anguish personal diary o His diaries were very famous o He was a very honest person o Abigail Adams o Sexuality o Partnership marriage o Loved each other during hard time * British people come to America (soldiers sent from England) * Boston massacre * Dream team to defend Samuel's men (Boston mob) * John Adams became more into it (American independence idea) * Boston Tea Party, 1773 * British get mad * The ship that the tea was dumped by was owned by Hancock * King George II closed the ports as punishment * King wanted to punish the great rebels * Samuel and John Adams go to congressional conference * They sent Samuel new clothes; most likely Hancock...
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The Founding Fathers Movie Notes - aunt and uncle in which...

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