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BSE 2484 Lab # 6 Cylinder Heads & Valves STATION # 1 (Intake & Exhaust Valves) Valves: Valves open and close the intake and exhaust ports allowing the engine to function Valves create a seal between the valve face and the valve seat Valve springs hold the valves closed against the valve seat Valve face (the tapered edge of the valve head) and seat (pressed into the engine) creates the seal for compression Valve guides fit snugly around the valve stem to align the valve head in the port/seat Valve margin is the un-tapered edge of the valve head. As the valve wares or is ground the margin is reduced the narrower the margin the more likely the valve is to burn. Identify the parts of the valve. Part A and Part B Blank # 1 Part C and Part D Blank # 2 Part E and Part F Blank # 3
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