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BSE 2484 Labs 8 & 9 (Fuel Systems) Station #1 (Small Engine Carburetors) At this station there are three types of carburetors used on small engines. Which of these carburetors uses a float to control fuel flow into the carburetor? Blank # 1 What type of draft is carburetor #2 (updraft, downdraft or side/natural draft)? Blank # 2 Which type of carburetor has two fuel pick up tubes? Blank # 3 Which of these carburetors use(s) (a) diaphragm(s) to pump fuel? Blank # 4 Small Engine Carburetor ID Table: Carburetor Float bowl Diaphragm Lift Tubes Mounted to Tank Flow-jet Yes No No No Pulsa-jet No Yes Yes (2) Yes Vacu-jet No No Yes (1) Yes
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