Political Science midterm Study guide

Political Science midterm Study guide - Political Science...

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Political Science midterm Study guide 3/5/08 Terms: 3 branches of government : Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Are there to watch each other for the other not to supass in government. Amount of representative in H.O.R.: 435 (They all have to be elected in 2008 for place.) Who Precides over the U.S. Senate? The Vice President Justices in Supreme court: 9 Local : Pretty much runs prisons, has tax, local courts, and has roads and buses. City and Borough: Run by mayor and a councelor. Township: Supervisor are the elected official, and it’s a bigger area but lest people than a city. The Great depression: A demand of powerful action from national government. How long of a term do supervisors and senates have: 6 year terms President, County commissioner how long do they serve? 4 Years H.O.R. serve? 2 years. Vior Tire : to tell the truth. Party: Are people that are being sued or are suing. The verdict: The decision after the trial. Peremptory Challenge: When lawyers get to excuse jurers from being picked. The order of a civil trial is? The tipstaff(Judges helper), Plaintiff(The person who sues), Their lawyer, Then the defendant(Person being sued), their lawyer, Security, and then the Jurers. The case and chief: When the plaintiff brings in a witness to prove a case. Juror deliberation: 12 people go into a room and work it out themselves. Leading question: Questions of yes or no questions. 3 types of contacts? Mirror encounter, reasonable suspicion, and probable cause. Mirror encounter: When they ask you a question and you answer. They can have a right to investigate. Reasonable suspicion: When the officer stops the person and frisks them. Probable Cause: whether or not the officer had reason to believe the person had contraband. When can an officer search without a warrant?
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Political Science midterm Study guide - Political Science...

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