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BSE 2484 Lab # 17 (Starting Systems) STATION # 1 (Starter Components) The starter motor is the heart of the starting system. A starter converts electrical energy to mechanical work (just the reverse of a generator) Starter motors are composed of: the solenoid (some types), the field frame assembly, the armature and a drive mechanism. The field frame assembly is composed of two to six pole pieces in pairs of north and south and a field winding. The poles set up a magnetic field that is intensified by current running through the field winding. The armature (one to three loops of conductor with an iron core) forms it’s own magnetic field when energized by current from the battery. The current was passed from the battery to the armature via a commutator and brushes. The magnetic fields oppose one another causing the armature to turn. Identify the components of the starter at this station! Component A Blank # 1 Component B Blank # 2 Component C Blank # 3 Component D Blank # 4 Component E Blank # 5 What type of starter drive is used on this starter motor? Blank # 6 Overrunning Clutch (OR) Bendix Drive Does this starter use a gear reduction system (yes or no )? Blank # 7 COMMUTATOR OVERRUNNING CLUTCH FIELD HOUSING
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BSE 2484 Lab # 17 (Starting Systems) STATION # 2 (Starter Solenoid Testing) Because a starter draws so much current a heavy switch is required. Manual, magnetic and solenoid switches are used in the starting system to complete the circuit between the battery and the starter motor. Manual switches require excessive heavy wiring or complicated mechanical linkages so they are not often used. Magnetic switches use a low amperage field circuit to mechanically open and close the circuit between the battery and starter. Mag-switches can be mounted on the starter or remotely. Solenoids are mounted on the starter and function much like mag-switches. However they also actuate the starter drive, pushing the pinion into mesh with the flywheel via a lever or pivoting fork.
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Lab_17__Starting_Systems_ - BSE 2484 Lab # 17 (Starting...

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