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BSE 2484 Lab # 21 (Clutches) STATION # 1 (Clutch Part Identification) At this station you will find the components of a dry disc clutch. Composed of a drive disk(s), a driven disk, spring(s) and a release mechanism One of the drive disks (the pressure plate) and springs are generally integrated into a single unit (pressure plate/clutch cover) which is bolted to the flywheel The driven disk (clutch disk) has a facing of friction material on both sides and is sandwiched between the driven disks (pressure plate & flywheel) the driven disk is linked to the transmission input shaft by splines in the hub The release mechanism is linked to the springs and relieves the pressure on the pressure plate releasing the clutch disk The release mechanism uses a lever/fork or a hydraulic slave to drive the throw- out bearing into the diaphragm or levers on the pressure plate. Identify the numbered clutch components: Component # 1 Blank # 1 Component # 2 Blank # 2 Component # 3 Blank # 3 Component # 4 Blank # 4 Component # 6 Blank # 5 Which of these components is bolted directly to the engine? Blank # 6 Which of these components is splined to the transmission input shaft? Blank # 7
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BSE 2484 Lab # 21 (Clutches) STATION # 2 (Multiple Disc Clutch) A multiple disc clutch is composed of an externally splined hub (driver or driven), an internally splined drum (driver or driven) and two sets of discs one splined to the hub the other splined to the drum. Multiple disc clutches are used when the diameters of the disks are relatively small or torque loads are very high. Multiple discs provide greater surface area and therefore greater torque transmission capability. Generally found in large high torque machines Automatic transmissions And small applications such as motorcycles Which would require a smaller diameter to transmit that same amount of torque? Blank # 8 Single disc clutch (or) Multiple disc clutch Hub with external splines which engage the internal splines on the discs labeled number 6 (note that these discs only engage the hub and not the drum) Drum with internal notches or splines that engage the external tabs or splines on the discs labeled number 5
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Lab_21__Clutches_ - BSE 2484 Lab # 21 (Clutches) STATION #...

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