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Test 1, Study Guide - BSE 2484 TEST #1 Study Guide Test #1...

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StudyGuide.T1 1 BSE 2484 TEST #1 Study Guide Test #1 is CLOSED BOOK and CLOSED NOTES ; it will have 100 points (and it may have up to 5 bonus points). There will be about 12-18 problems in which you solve the problem and select the correct answer; the problems will have point value of 3 to 5 points each, for a total of 45-50 points. Some problems may be very short and others longer. SHOW ALL WORK for PARTIAL CREDIT!!! You can work on the test sheet or on your own paper; turn in your work . If you do not show your work, I cannot give you partial credit. The problems are to compute/determine parameters such as the following: volumetric displacement ( BE CAREFUL--DO NOT CONFUSE CYLINDER DISPLACEMENT V D with ENGINE DISPLACEMENT V e !!! ); crank throw; stroke; combustion chamber volume; compression ratio; Brake Mean Effective (BMEP) pressure or Indicated Mean Effective Pressure (IMEP); Brake Work (BW) or Indicated Work (IW), which is the respective MEP times the Engine Displacement; fuel cutoff ratio F for a diesel engine and the diesel cycle volume at state point 3, V 3 , and V 2 (or V c ); ideal cycle efficiency for Otto or Diesel; volumetric efficiency when given intake flow rate, displacement and engine speed (MUST DIVIDE SPEED BY 2 for a 4- stroke since only 1 intake stroke per 2 rev of crank); brake horsepower, torque, and speed ( BRAKE HP IS DETERMINED AT THE FLYWHEEL WITH A DYNAMOMETER! Indicated Power is the power in the cylinder. DO NOT GET CONFUSED! If I tell you what the power measured at the flywheel is, then that IS the Brake Power! ); Indicated power and mechanical efficiency given frictional power and brake power; torque at the flywheel given brake power and
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This note was uploaded on 03/31/2008 for the course BSE 2484 taught by Professor Dhvaughan during the Spring '08 term at Virginia Tech.

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Test 1, Study Guide - BSE 2484 TEST #1 Study Guide Test #1...

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