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ASSIGNMENT Socio-Technical Analysis of Commonly-Used Information and Communications Systems 1. In your base team, please analyze your use of the following two information and communications technology (ICT) systems that you see or use in your daily activities, starting with the device you use to engage that system: 1.1. Mobile (cell) phone 1 1.2. PSU ID card In doing these two analyses, you may it useful to read on what a socio-technical perspective is and what it requires (see the Passmore and Sherwood, 1978 reading). The Taylor (1986) article (a chapter in his book) may help you organize your thinking about what users need from systems, particularly if you pay attention to the table around which the chapter is organized. You will also need to do some research on-line on the two devices. 1.3. To represent the analysis, please do three things. 1.3.1. Do each analysis on (a) separate page(s) and include your base team
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Unformatted text preview: name and number, date section (IST 110) and page number in the upper right-hand of each page. 1.3.2. Organize your analysis around major elements or aspects of your choosing (this may be guided by what you learn from your readings) 1.3.3. Write in simple, short, well-worded, complete sentences (not bullets or fragments) 2. Once you have done the two analyses, prepare a third section (on a new page) in which you summarize commonalities – things that appear across both devices/systems. 3. Include a page at the end summarizing the contributions of each team member. Assignment Rubric Assignment worth: 15 points total, 5 points for each analysis. 5 points for the comparison 1 If you do not use a mobile (cell) phone, base your analysis on observing someone else’s uses....
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