Specific poems

Specific poems - Specific poems: Time: -The Faerie Queene,...

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Specific poems: Time: -The Faerie Queene, the enemy of all living things is time -carpe diem/ubi sunt(where now are those who have gone before us)- Donne the flea and Marvell To His Coy Mistress, as well as The Ruin and The Wanderer Metaphysical conceits Donne, The Sun Rising, etc. Fusion of classical and Christian ideas – also the pulley http://www.sparknotes.com/poetry/donne/ Donne: born Roman Catholic, joined Anglican church, became priest & powerful preacher & Dean of St. Paul’s - Samuel Johnson puts it best: Donne's ideas and intellect are worthy of truerespect, but 'for not keeping number' he deserves to be hanged -The Sun Rising – metaphysical love poem- bedroom is center of world, he addresses the sun (apostrophe) as an intruder to lovemaking – he and his mistress are superior to everyone-arrogance- alchemy -compares macrocosm to microcosm –conceit is that the sun is a person(he’s addressing it) -Nocturnal upon St. Lucy’s Day – uses alchemy again -A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning: conceit of compass – their love is a compass – farewell should not be an occasion for mourning or sorrow & to publicly show their love would profane it-idealizes spiritual love-emotional superiority to rest of world – compares everyone else’s love to earth and his to “trepidation of the spheres” The Funeral – wreath of hair binds the lovers together –conceit of hair, hair never decays- if they dug them up they might worship him as love’s martyr and that would be idolatry
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Specific poems - Specific poems: Time: -The Faerie Queene,...

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