AEM 120 review sheet

AEM 120 review sheet - AEM 120 review sheet French...

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AEM 120 review sheet French entreprendre , meaning to undertake Eclips Earl Blanks– Party City Take risks Maggie Coffey An entrepreneur generally doesn't care much about image, isn’t cut out for big corporations, they take risks Linda Mason-Bright Horizons Entrepreneurs about having an idea Sandeep Kumar-EarthShell Learn to adapt to constant changes Jay Walker- priceline Grids- communication, electricity, transportation, television, computer Information leads to change, change is the greatest economic engine Sandy Maine- SunFeather Natural Soap Company Identify a market, evaluate your work Robert Felton- Indus International Inc. Learn from what you do Bill Barton-Bellwether Hard Cider See something that sets off idea Ted Fernandez-Answerthink Understand what your up against, rely on taking advantage of opportunity Mike Pratico Recognize opportunities, good old fashioned, customer service (advantage) Mark Brandt – Maple Fund Competitive advantage via patent David McElroy - Verdia Technology –advantage- if you can’t do it find a partner that can Paul Joseph – Simon Management Group Experiencing failure is critical Bill Trenchard – Make it specific to customer needs Peggy Hart Earle - Hartstrings Helps to get help with the money part Paul Joseph – PM Bartending Organize cash flow Entrepreneurs are Risk takers, committed, leaders, creative Kevin McGovern – McGovern and Associates Keep it simple for your investors Investors want to see what opportunities you see Types Startup Entrepreneur
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Small Business Entrepreneur Intrapreneur (within a large corporation) Non-profit Entrepreneur Social Entrepreneur Science/Technology Entrepreneur The entrepreneurial process Recognition of opportunity
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AEM 120 review sheet - AEM 120 review sheet French...

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