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Outline for Essay 4

Outline for Essay 4 - Jacob Sutker Peter Bailey FWS Outline...

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Jacob Sutker Peter Bailey October 24, 2006 FWS Outline Topic: Pemberton’s moral failure in regards to Morgan Thesis: While Morgan’s death at the end of the story may be due to a combination of many things, Pemberton’s failure to recognize Morgan’s needs and failure to act in a morally correct way plays the biggest role in Morgan’s collapse. 1. Introduction Throughout the story Pemberton plays a huge role in Morgan’s life to the point that Morgan sees Pemberton more of a father figure than his true father. Morgan grows towards the side of Pemberton in all arguments while turning away from his parents at the same time. - Pemberton knows him best and should know what he needs for the better/survival - The relationship built between Pemberton and Morgan is a dependent relationship and Pemberton, being the elder/teacher, should be able to recognize it 2. Pemberton’s hesitation to respond - Pemberton pretends not to understand exactly what Miss Moreen is asking just so he can prolong his response - Pemberton shows somewhat of a lack of interest in the whole idea of him being
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