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ENDS 150 Day 2

ENDS 150 Day 2 - Ribbed vaults transverse ribs crossing rib...

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ENDS 150 Day 2 Gothic Architecture- Amiens Cathedral - radiating chapels, ambulatory, hemicycle(apse), choir, choir aisles, transept, crossing, nave, nave aisles, bay(dist between upright supports), elevation(vertical extension of a wall), main arcade(arch and piers), triforium, clerestory, flying buttress, buttress pier, lower flyer, upper flyer, pinnacle. 3-part window- rose and 2 lancets 4-part/Light window - 4 lancets, 3 roses. Mullians - divisions in a window.
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Unformatted text preview: Ribbed vaults- transverse ribs, crossing rib, keystone or boss, webbing, vault penetration. Vault - a masonry covering over a major or minor space. Types - barrel vault(round and pointed), groin vaults(cross vault), rib vaults of various kinds. Arch - basic unit of architecture. Weakest point of an arch is the 30 degrees mark from the horizontal. Buttressing – 2 types – Contreforte(wall buttress) and flying butress...
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