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Ends 150 Day 3 - of the virgin represents divine reason and...

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Ends 150 – Day 3 Gothic Period : 1130-1600 High Gothic : Religious architecture: 1. greatest structural innovations, 2.constant occupation, 3.reflect spirit of age. Function : house of worship. Need : create ambiance encouraging contemplation of divinity Must : accommodate ceremonies and rituals connected with worship, and accommodate participants like the priesthood, singers and choir, attendees at rituals and ceremonies, must have altars and chapels for prayer ant the paying of respect. Meaning : sybol, terrestrial manifestation of the heavenly Jerusalem, house of god, house
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Unformatted text preview: of the virgin, represents divine reason and order of universe, point of contact with heaven and earth. LIGHT AND ORDER = BEAUTY LIGHT=divine reason Order=order of the universe Light illuminated the soul, was transcendent, through windows and off of reflective objects. Order=physical building, arrangement of architectural forms, hierarchies, construction process, numbers, geometry, arithmetic. Deep choir, aisles all around building, ambulatory and radiating chapels Elevation- clerestory, triforium, main arcade...
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