ENDS 150 Day 4

ENDS 150 Day 4 - Why bother Necessity political affiliation...

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ENDS 150 Day 4 Bar tracery, linkage, glazed triforium Saint Denis 1233-1234 Very influential, court connections, Patron saint French Kings, regalia Significance – 1. Light and Order= beauty, 2. example of rayonnant, 3. reflect pattern of scholastic thinking. Sainte Chapelle, Paris – Royal connections(influence), royonnant structure(significance), Palace Chapel(function), Propaganda statement and Reliquary : crown of thorns(Meaning) CONTREFORTE : wall support Construction of medieval Cathedrals
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Unformatted text preview: Why bother? Necessity, political affiliation, imitation, pride Wheres the money from? Donation, pilgrimage, indulgences, burial, duty, after life insurance policies, tithe, tax, fees…. Supervision of Funds Cleric, Temporary Appointment, Life Long Appointment. Design Process 1. Select a designer - competition, known factor 2. Definition of Designer – Master of the works or fabric, 2 spets possible (1230) – creator/designer and builder...
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