ENDS 150- day 7

ENDS 150- day 7 - royonnant – typical of region in...

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ENDS 150- day whatever House of Jacques Coeur, France, Begun 1431 Significance – hotel or town house, status symbol, flamboyant style Characteristics – courtyard, loggia(covered walkway), enclosed continuous spiral staircases(ceremonial entrance), fireplace heats, Significance – modern conveniences, indoor toilet, hypocaust heating Hotel Dieu (hospital) at Beaune Significance – building type=hospital; urban patronage= type – needs of the disadvantages, who – upper middle class bureaucrat – Nicholas Rolin – Chancellor from Duke of Burgundy – pious act – spend money appropriately – salvation – prestige – immortalize him and his family. Late gothic in Germany Formal interests Space Hall churches Vaulting Double flying ribs Folded shell Late gothic in Western Mediterranean 2 traditions Roman space and plan Islam with line Late gothic in Southern France, Northeast Spain Dominican Church (Jacobin) in Toulouse Significance – mother church of Dominican order(mendicant order), Combo – local with
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Unformatted text preview: royonnant – typical of region in emphasis on space and plane and brick Significance – hall church type, contreforte (wall buttresses), connecting arches = vertical loading, origins = fortified architecture Mendicant = urban oriented religious orders, “begging” orders, preach/teach, austere Space and plane – visual and auditory advantages, flat, no ornament, 2 aisles, window=rayonnant. Private chapels, private burials, Gerona Cathedral Signif – space and plane, royonnant details, widest rib vault ever built, expertise – 12 experts, 3 basic concerns, (safety, suitability, relationship to existing work) (1416), contrefort, linear embellishment on doors and windows. Portugal and Southern Spain You see most clearly the influence of Islam Richness of ornament Linear patterning Fortification and Cities In western Mediterranean Functions – defensive Cases in point – Carcassonne cite and bastide, Barcelona...
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ENDS 150- day 7 - royonnant – typical of region in...

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