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Jan 18 (government helps business) When the government approves a drug, you get immunity. You can’t sue because the government approves it and is defending business. They’ve made it easier and put up a defensive shield around the company by approving the drug because now they cannot be held accountable. Patriot Act allows government to listen to phone calls, see emails, etc. Immunity Proposal in Congress by Eric Canter that has an idea to help us, our parents, etc. who are facing economic recession to cut corporate taxes by 25% but this does not make sense. This would help business. This is the government’s idea of helping regular folks. Constitution Mike Huckabee “I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the constitution but I believe it would be a lot easier to change the constitution than to change the word of the living God…” Immigration All the Republican candidates are getting harder and harder on trying to keep out people from the South but business benefits from illegal immigrants. But aren’t making a border for Alqeada. Cheap labor, high profits. Government is stuck between business and people and it’s too hard to choose. America started the idea of Constitutional Government Substitute limit: what government can do Procedural limit: how government will do it Gives a balance of how much power to give government and the rights of people Aristocracy: one individual in charge Oligarchy: small group of elite people run thing Authoritarian: power is centralized and exercises with almost no restriction. Only restriction may be church, army, and economic elite.
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government class notes - Jan 18 Business & Government...

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