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Abraham Maslow - Abraham Maslow 1908-1970 Abraham Harold...

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12/3/07 Abraham Maslow 1908-1970 Abraham Harold Maslow was born on April Fools Day (April 1 st ) 1908 in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were Jewish immigrants that had arrived in New York from Russia. His parents were very strict on Maslow and his six siblings in hopes that they would become successful and make a name for themselves in the new land of America. Maslow was pressured to study hard and read many books in his youth which isolated him from other children his age. However, all of his studying paid off as his was accepted to the City College of New York, and later to Cornell. Later Maslow married Bertha Goodman whom he has two children with and happened to be his cousin! Once married, Bertha and Abraham Maslow moved their family to Wisconsin where Maslow attended the University of Wisconsin and was influenced to study psychology by Harry Harlow. Harlow was known for his experiments on attachment behavior with baby rhesus monkeys. Maslow also worked with monkeys during this time and notices that some needs are more important than others. For instance, if you are very
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tired and need sleep, but can not breath, your first priority is to start breathing again. Maslow’s theory on needs taking precedence gave way to his hierarchy of needs:
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Abraham Maslow - Abraham Maslow 1908-1970 Abraham Harold...

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