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ECO 2013 Syllabus - ECO 2013 Syllabus Faculty Contact...

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ECO 2013 Syllabus Faculty Contact Information Office Phone: (954) 234-9567 Email: (All email communication should be through WebCT. Use this only if you have an emergency and are unable to access WebCT email. BCC's Emergency Hotline Number: 954.201.4900 Course Description ECO 2013 is an introductory course in macro-economic principles covering basic economic problems and concepts. Topics discussed and analyzed include the role of government in various economic systems, aggregate measures of economic performance, aspects of economic instability, macro-equilibrium, fiscal and monetary policies, and the impact of both the public debt and international trade. General Course Outcomes GENERAL COURSE OBJECTIVES Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to describe macroeconomic principles and concepts, the impact of fiscal and monetary policies, macroequilibrium and calculate measures of aggregate economic performance. GENERAL OUTCOMES The students should be able to: 1. Explain the fundamentals of economic analysis, as well as the role and functions of government in a modern mixed economy. 2. List the various types of fluctuations (seasonal, cyclical, trend) and their impact on various groups in society; describe and analyze how equilibrium levels of national income and output are determined, as well as their expected impact on the price level. 3. Evaluate methods of demand management, their shortcomings, and their impact on the deficit. 4. Define the importance of the U.S. monetary and banking systems. 5. Evaluate alternative macroeconomic theories and policies. Prerequisites There are no prerequisites for this course Students: To complete the online segments of this course, you must have access to computer hardware and software that meets or exceeds BCC's minimum hardware and software standards for e-learning courses. It is strongly recommended that you check your computer to verify that its hardware and software configuration meets or exceeds the BCC standard.
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BCC's hardware and software standards can be found at Click on "Computer Checkup" then carefully read and follow the directions on "Browser Tuneup" o Attention AOL Users: Students using AOL should pay particular attention to the section addressing issues related to AOL. To avoid AOL dropping your connection, set up a private chat room to suspend AOL's idle timer. See AOL's help function for more details. o Attention Windows XP Users: Users who have upgraded to Windows XP from Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000 do not need to download any additional files. Windows XP does not include the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The JVM is used by some tools within WebCT. Students with new machines or who perform a clean installation of Windows XP will automatically be offered the choice to perform a one-time download of the virtual machine the first time you try to access any tool within WebCT that uses Java.You must download the entire file
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ECO 2013 Syllabus - ECO 2013 Syllabus Faculty Contact...

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