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Macro Sample Test _4 Ch 6,8,9

Macro Sample Test _4 Ch 6,8,9 - MacroTest#4Ch6,8,9 Student...

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Macro Test #4 Ch 6,8,9 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. An example of an intermediate good or service would be: A. Bricks bought by a homeowner for constructing a patio B. Sacks of groceries bought by a dentist for his family C. A car bought by a stockbroker for commuting to work D. A desk bought by an accountant for her office 2. Which is included in GDP? 3. In Year 1, inventories rose by $25 billion. In Year 2, inventories fell by $20 billion. In calculating GDP, national income accountants would have: 4. Net exports is a negative number when: 5. A nation's capital stock (machinery, equipment and tools) was valued at $300 billion at the start of the year and $350 billion at the end. Depreciation in the year was $25 billion. Assuming stable prices, gross investment (Ig) was: A. $25 billion B. $50 billion C. $75 billion D. $90 billion
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The following data about a hypothetical economy are in billions of dollars.
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