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Hum 1 Edwards ungraded

Hum 1 Edwards ungraded - Statements"...

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Edwards - Diagnostic Writing Exercise - Hum 1 - Winter 2009 Write a one-page paragraph essay on the following topic: Does Genesis 18.1-8 provide a picture of normal hospitality or does Abraham realize that it is God who's stopped by and set the table accordingly? Argue your case one way or the other based on textual evidence. Due at the end of lecture, Friday, January 9 This essay should provide a brief but adequate (250-500 words) treatment of the topic. Be sure to review the "Thesis
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Unformatted text preview: Statements" and "Mechanics" handouts that your TA will distribute to you in section this week. All essays in Hum are to be submitted to your TA in a plain manila folder with your name on it. Save all of your essays and turn them in each time to your TA in this folder. While this essay is ungraded, it is still nevertheless required for completion of this course....
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