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Humanities 1 Winter 2009 Professor Cox Writing Assignment No. 4 (Graded Essay No. 3) Write a five-page essay on one of the following topics. 1. “The Prometheus of Prometheus Bound may think he’s a hero. Aeschylus may think he’s a hero. But he’s not a hero at all, by traditional, Homeric standards.” True? 2. “Aristophanes’ Clouds is an argument against democracy and, in particular, against the forms of education typical of Athenian democracy; but it is not a good argument. Aristophanes simply creates a rotten family and assumes that its rottenness must
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Unformatted text preview: inevitably result from democracy and the bad education delivered by sophists or philosophers. This is not convincing. True? Papers will be turned in at the end of lecture on February 27. Before turning in the hard copy at that time, you must submit a copy to the antiplagiarism website Instructions about how to do that have been distributed in discussion sections. In writing your paper, pay close attention to the memos about writing that have been passed out in section, and to the parts of the writing Handbook that have been discussed....
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