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Humanities 1 Winter 2009 Professor Cox Writing Assignment No. 3 (Graded Essay No. 2) Write a five-page essay on one of the following topics. 1. If Plato read the Psalms that we have read in this course, how close would he find their view of love to his view of love? If you respond to this question, don’t restrict yourself to passages that specifically use the word “love”; look for ideas of love, not just the word. And choose the strongest evidence; don’t try to write on all the Psalms we’ve read, just for “coverage.” 2. “The dialogue in the Symposium begins with the praise of love, especially sexual love, and ends with the understanding that it is best not to engage in sex. Surely something must have gone wrong here, despite Plato’s skill in arguing. If it hadn’t, everyone who read the Symposium would be convinced and would give up sex. Obviously, however, people are not convinced. This must be because there is some
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Unformatted text preview: major fallacy in Platos reasoning. True? If you think it is, show what the fallacy is, or what the fallacies are. If you dont, provide another explanation for peoples failure to be convinced. 3. Is Plato right to consider love as important as he does? (After all, there are many other things in life.) To respond to this question, one way or another, you must obviously consider Platos arguments! Papers will be turned in at the end of lecture on February 13. Before turning in the hard copy at that time, you must submit a copy to the antiplagiarism website Instructions about how to do that have been distributed in discussion sections. In writing your paper, pay close attention to the memos about writing that have been passed out in section, and to the parts of the writing Handbook that have been discussed....
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