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Hum 1 Cox 1 - Humanities 1 Winter 2009 Professor Cox...

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Humanities 1 Winter 2009 Professor Cox Writing Assignment No 2 (Graded Essay No. 1) Write a four- or five-page essay on one of the following topics. 1. “Like the Odyssey , Genesis and Exodus are intended to be instructive in certain ways. The difference is that by reading Genesis and Exodus no one could possibly get an education that was sufficient guidance for making the great choices of life.” Is that true? In addressing this question, you may use Homer as a contrast or parallel to Genesis and Exodus, but you don’t have to do so. In any case, Genesis and Exodus should be your principal subject. Please note that the statement isn’t concerned with whether the Bible constitutes a sufficient education for making the great choices of life; it’s concerned with Genesis and Exodus only. 2. “The ‘heroes’ of Genesis and Exodus are actually just people who get rewards they don’t deserve. The fact that God for some reason chooses to give them rewards doesn’t alter this fact about them.” True? Respond by considering two or three of the following
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