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Humanities 1 Winter 2009 Professor Cox Ungraded (but Required) Writing Assignment The paper is to be turned in to your teaching assistant at the end of lecture on January 16. (We’re not using for this assignment, so you won’t be submitting an electronic copy.) It should be 2-3 pages long. In writing your paper, pay close attention to the instructional material passed out in section, especially to the “Thesis Statements” memo. You may certainly quote from the text, but be careful not to quote anything that you don’t need to quote in order to support your specific argument. Quoting is always on a “need to” basis. Also be careful not to summarize the plot of the Odyssey except to the extent to which summary is necessary to support your argument.
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Unformatted text preview: Write on one of these topics: 1. In thinking about the education of Telemakhos, it may be helpful to consider that our own word education is derived from a Latin word, educare, meaning to lead out or draw out, in the sense of making visible the qualities that someone already has. This is what happens in the Odyssey . Telemakhos takes instruction in , but most of his education is actually a drawing out , a making visible, of the good qualities he already has before Athena undertakes to educate him. True? 2. In his lecture of January 7, Professor Cox sneered at Helens conduct and her explanation of it. A good case can be made, however, for considering her a success from Homers point of viewaccording to Homers values. True?...
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