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Humanities 1 Professor Stanley Chodorow Winter 2009 Writing Assignment 1: Hebrew Bible Choose one of the following essay questions. Your evidence must come only from the assigned texts. 1. In a society organized on the basis of families, power within a family makes a big difference. For example, the writers of the Bible portray women as subordinate to men, but the prominence of certain women in the stories suggests that this subordination might be illusory. Using Genesis, make and defend a claim about family relations in patriarchal society. 2. Moses was ordained by God to lead his people out of Egypt to the Holy Land, but he failed to meet God's standards in some respect and God prevented him from crossing the
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Unformatted text preview: Jordan. David was also ordained by God to lead the Israelites, and he too failed to meet God's high standards in some respects. However, God made a promise to David that his descendants would rule Israel forever. Write a thesis-based essay based on evidence from the biblical texts that explains the difference of treatment of Moses and David. Length: 4-5 pages. Due in lecture, Thursday January 29th. Please hand your essay to your section leader after lecture. Late papers will be penalized by the subtraction of one-third letter grade per day. Dont forget!...
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