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Hum 1 Edwards 3 - Edwards Essay 3 Winter 2009 Hum 1 Answer...

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Edwards - Essay 3 - Winter 2009 - Hum 1 Answer one of the following three questions in a 4-5 page essay, due at the end of lecture, Wednesday, March 11. 1. “Although it is doubtful whether either Homer or Aristophanes can be called a feminist author, Aristophanes' comedy more realistically represents the experience and opinions of women than Homer's epic does." Using Lysistrata and one of the mortal females from the Iliad , explain why you agree or disagree with the previous statement. 2. "Xenophon's Critias more closely resembles Neoptolemus than he does Odysseus in Sophocles' Philoctetes ." Argue for or against this proposition on the basis of textual evidence. Be sure when you submit your essay online to turnitin, that you submit it as essay 3 . Also, remember to submit the hard copy of your essay to your TA at the end of lecture in a manila folder (with your name on it) in which you keep all of your Hum writing. Turn in all your writing each time you submit an essay. Late essays will be penalized 1/3 of a
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