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Edwards - Prompt 2 - Winter 2009 - Hum 1 Answer one of the following three questions in a 3-4 page essay, due at the end of lecture, Wednesday, February 18. 1. To what extent can Andromache's speech at Iliad 22.560-605 be understood as a critique of the heroic values that guide Hector's reasoning at 22.118-56? 2. The contrast between Ajax and Phoenix as character types—the tight-lipped soldier and the garrulous old counselor—is pronounced. But how does Homer illustrate these differences through the speeches he gives them at Iliad 9.527-737 and 9.762-85 respectively? You might consider (among other things) the types of arguments they use, how they fashion their speeches to illustrate their own characters and their relationship to the hero, and the emotional response they seek to provoke in Achilles. 3. In book 24, Priam goes to meet Achilles in his tent to beg for the body of his son Hector. During this extended scene, Achilles comes to an understanding with Priam (lines 592-669). To what extent does this passage signal on Achilles' part a revision of
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