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Humanities 2 Professor Bradley Root Spring 2009 Writing Assignment #3 Evidence for your essay must be based only on the assigned texts. 1. Although both Beowulf and Marie de France's Lais were written in Christian societies that were largely shaped by Augustine's ideas, both texts reflect ideologies that seem to contradict those of Augustine. To what extent are Beowulf and the Lais Christian literature? More specifically, to what extent are these works in line with Augustine’s Christianity? Choosing either Beowulf or Marie de France's Lais (you may choose only one), write a thesis based essay in which you examine whether that literary work is consistent with Augustine’s brand of Christianity. 2. Augustine, the author of Beowulf, and Marie de France all touch on the subject of fate and free will. According to these authors, is there a place for the individual to choose and use his or her free will? Can fate and free will coexist, or are they mutually exclusive? Using either Beowulf
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Unformatted text preview: or the Lais (you must choose only one of them) and Augustine's Confessions , write a thesis-based essay that compares or contrasts the texts’ representation of the relationship between the fate and free will. Note: In a compare OR contrast essay, you must do the following in the introductory paragraph: A. Establish the authors’ views on the given theme. B. Assert your own thesis on the differences OR the similarities between the two texts/authors on the given theme. As usual in Humanities, your paper should provide evidence and argument for a clear thesis. One test of an argument is its ability to withstand a plausible counter-argument. Your essay must take account of the most plausible counter-argument to your thesis and must respond adequately to it. Length: 5 pages. Due: In lecture, 3 June Wednesday. Please hand your essay to your section teacher before lecture. You will also need to turn in an electronic copy to
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